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Last weekend we went mushrooming first time of this year. Thera are nice forests around Zelow, Joanna knows them all very well. So we went to the nice pine forest. Weather was very good, partially sunny, warm and dry. It was about noon - silly time for mushrooming, but we tried anyway. After two hours of really good fun with mushroom picking [Joanna] and mushroom photographing [me] we left forest. It was very good time, we founded few nice mushrooms, perfect gift from nature for long winter :-)

Look at my workshop - we founded few Boletus eduli, king of our forests, few Xerocomus and three Cantharellus.

Boletus edulis is the Latin name for a highly regarded edible mushroom. It has a number of English names including Cep (from its French name Cpe), King Bolete and Penny Bun. The most common term in current use is probably Porcini (from the plural of its Italian name Porcino). However it is not yet clear whether this will settle down in the English language as a singular as well as a plural form. But while there are uncertainties over what to call this mushroom, there is little debate as to its culinary qualities: the scientific name, Boletus, from the Latin stem bolet-, meaning "superior mushroom" and edulis, meaning edible, goes a long way to defining them.

The mushroom is known as Hřib prav (in the Czech Republic), Vargnya (in Hungary), Borowik Szlachetny (in Poland), baravykas (in Lithuania), Belyj Grib ("White Mushroom") or Borovik (in Russia), Dubk or Hrb Smrekov (in Slovakia), Jurček or Jesenski Goban (in Slovenia), Hrib or Mnătarcă (in Romania), Manatarka (in Bulgaria), Herkkutatti (delicious bolete) in Finland, Karljohan (after king Charles XIV John) or Stensopp in Sweden and Steinpilz (in Germany).

There are many fungi belonging to the genus, some edible, and some poisonous. In France, in addition to Boletus edulis (or cpe de Bordeaux), the most popular are:

-Tte de ngre (Negros Head; Boletus aereus), much rarer than the Boletus edulis, is by far the most appreciated by gourmets, as well as the most expensive. Usually smaller than the Boletus edulis, it is also distinctively darker in colour.
-Cpe des pins (Pine tree Cep; Boletus pinophilus or Boletus pinicola) grows among pine trees. Its pores are characteristically bright yellow. It is less appreciated by gourmets than the two other kinds of porcini, but remains a mushroom ranking above most others.


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Victims of our hunt :-) Notice few very nice Bolete and advertisement of Canon 350D in BG. 2000 zlotys is very good price for it :-)